The settlement is BS. I don’t think that I will buy another honda. Just complanied to American Honda Corporation. I am constantly seeing my oil light come on and adding oil. How do you get involved in this? I really don’t want to get dragged into this test, as there is never any good outcome and they don’t acknowledge anything wrong. So when will we find out when we can take our cars to have them fixed?? The same routine as others mentioned of checking oil and adding it in between changes was performed. A 42 000.00$ mistake. I was finally able to find the class action suit and told them i was having the same issue. the oil light came on and I took it to the oil change and have oil check, there was no oil in the blockso I have put new oil 4.5 qrts., then drove for about 2000 miles, and check oil, there is only 2 qrts of oil in the engine block. Don’t know what to do. :( 2010 Honda Accord Coupe EXL 6-speed Navi … After installing “software update” to correct a drivability issue my Oil light came on ONE time, checked oil level, didn’t show on the dipstick, added a quart, still did not register on dipstick … I was told I need to do an oil change at the HONDA dealership so they could start monitoring and run consumption test can’t believe this is happening at 43,000 miles …. NOT NORMAL. Waiting to see how it is when I get it back. I want to be part of this law suit. Hi im having a problem with my accord 08 v6 coupe with only 55k miles on it. Have oil rest done. I also complained to the place where I take my car now not a Honda dealership. I have followed the maintenace faithfully-for all the good it does. ... so as to cut down consumption , still a honda oil. My 2010 v-6 with 30,000mi uses 1qt of synthedic oil every 5000mi. Now the oil life indicator doesn’t say “15%-10%-5%” any more when it’s low on oil, and the gauge is still at 80% oil life when it’s obviously much lower. I bought my pre owned 2010 Accord Crosstour at Team Honda Lithia Springs GA in July 2012. Its just a money grab for the dealers too. They told me my challenge was not related but said they got Honda to contribute. After a oil consumption test, leak down test, and computer update, my wife’s 08 Accord is still burning oil. I have also had spark plugs replaced twice within the year. My 2008 Honda Accord EXL is currently in for service on the exact issues mentioned here. My car makes all kinds of noises and the oil light comes on and off every day. Doing oil consumption test now. Ready to throw in the towel , every 1000 miles put in oil !! I have a 2010 Accord Coupe EX-L (4 cyls) It was burning over 3 quarts per oil change. I have a 2010 Honda Accord with 25,000 miles that needs an estimated $10,000 worth of repairs, including a new engine, two catalytic converters, cylinder heads, and miscellaneous parts. Does anyone know of any solution to this? I own a 2008 Honda 4 cyllinder and it started burning oil big time at about 40,000 miles. I changed the location of where I getting my oil changed. Never buy a Honda again. He lied and said they rarely see this situation on an ’09 Accord. Shame on Honda for poorly handling this issue. I drive a lot for work. I’m worried the excessive oil consumption is destroying the engine longevity. Yeah, carfax does not report mechanical issues…only insurance claims and body repairs. I have a 2010 Honda Accord v6 ex-l. Honda just rebuilt the motor because of the oil consumption problem. I like most of you have owned multiple Honda’s but will never again. My 2012 Honda Accord is using about 3 qt. Mine is doing the same thing. This alert all Honda owners of the problem. Hopefully something positive happens here. Wow! And, like everyone else, being told this is ” normal use”. I don’t know much about what the impact would be but I’m suspicious they’re changing out my oil filter and/or spark plugs to try to improve oil consumption short term…thoughts?Last conversation with Honda I was told that they’re OK with oil consumption of 1 quart every 750 miles. The carbon build-up in my engine is significant. It uses up to 5 quarts betweeen oil changes. Took it to a repair place had carbon steel rotors put on with everything else new. The engine has already been reprogrammed per the most recent oil consumption service bulletin. Contact the legal firm that “supervises” this class action suit (you can find their name and number in the settlement papers.). v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Case No. I am an owner of a 2008 HOnda Accord 4 cyl. I have been getting lot of engine grinding noise since 90,000 miles and lots of oil consumption. I’m glad someone is doing something about because this is ridiculous. The first time we went to dealership and they couldn’t find anything and my service rep had never even heard of the issue (he said). First to pressure Honda to step up and resolve your problem, and second, to let as many Honda owners and prospective owners as possible know that Honda is NOT a quality company! Your email address will not be published.

I paid for an oil change. I have taken it to Honda all three times and they tell me they can’t find a reason. I have a 2008 4cyl, I have had this issue twice. It is my wife’s car, I do all the scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. This is a serious problem that Honda needs to recall and fix all vehicles with this issue. What are my options? Had the cam sensor replaced and it kept coming on. Since the piston rings where replaced it hasn’t been burning any oil … yet. My husband did not believe him…now we are going through it again but the oil light never alerts us…SOMETIMES it’s the engine light and sometimes NO LIGHT! The dealership said it was normal and I said that cannot be true.The VTC actuator makes the rattling noise when it first cranks if it has set for a while without being started for a few years. The class action lawsuit was also amended to limit Class Members to include only owners and lessees whose vehicles may have experienced engine misfire, to include only allegations related to engine misfire, and to voluntarily dismiss claims related to excessive oil consumption in 4-cylinder Accord vehicles. My warranty runs out at 60,000 miles. Couple thousand miles later the same thing. Is this part of the lawsuit? It just started doing the same noises, I’m afraid the engine may get damaged. My Accord has been drinking oil since I purchased it new in 2008. Every time I see someone in the same model Honda Accord I share my story. Been through the software update, the changing of the spark plugs, had not changed the piston rings yet. The car ran beautiful until it hit 60000 miles. I feel like I’m getting the run-around. Finally Honda dealer replaced pistons and piston rings at 60k miles. Whatever that means. That is ridiculous. I have vehicle parked at my home still with 57000 miles on a 60000 mile power train warranty. I think the Dealers are in this with Honda corporate. Take photos!