Durch dieses zusätzliche Ch’i kann Po die Verwandlung stoppen und schafft es nun, das Ch’i zu beherrschen. Shifu took steps to prevent this, but it was all in vain as Tai Lung broke free of his prison and set out once more to take the Dragon Scroll. The Five and all the other masters, moved by Po's loyalty, made their way to the Noodle Shop to celebrate the holiday with him. Shifu was also taken aback when he learned that Po mistook him for a raccoon, and eventually decided to call it a day. The Boss Baby (2017) • Nachdem Oogway in einer Schlacht schwer verletzt wurde, brachte Kai ihn in ein geheimes Panda-Dorf in den Bergen, wo er von den Pandas mit Hilfe deren Ch’i-Fähigkeiten geheilt wurde. He also appeared to be slightly jealous that Po had mastered inner peace at such a young age, though he was deeply impressed at Po's incredibly swift mastery and how he used it to defeat Lord Shen.[17]. A former student of Master Oogway, Shifu became a highly skilled master of kung fu who hoped that his first student, Tai Lung, would become the legendary Dragon Warrior. Since Po's heroism in becoming the Dragon Warrior, Shifu has let go of his bitterness and attained inner peace. Turbo – Kleine Schnecke, großer Traum (2013) • Bitter of heart, Shifu left Tai Lung under the watchful eye of Commander Vachir and the Anvil of Heaven, and would not to see Tai Lung again until a full two decades later. Affiliation(s) Im Jade-Palast treffen nach und nach Botschaften ein, die vom Verschwinden sämtlicher Kung-Fu-Meister im ganzen Chinesischen Reich berichten. To Kai's credit, he did: Beat the kung fu masters in the Spirit Realm. When the adoption day came, however, the adults were still afraid of her and wouldn't take her, much to her disappointment. Terrified, Li begins evacuating the village while Po demands to be taught how to utilize chi. [11], A youthful Shifu finding baby Tai Lung at the palace gates. Later on, Tigress arrives at the Panda Village, revealing that Kai has taken the chi of all the kung fu masters, including Shifu, Crane, Mantis, Viper, and Monkey (she is the only one to escape) and that Kai has destroyed the Jade Palace. Just after one training session, the pair were approached by Master Mongrel, who warned them of the approach of Boar, a villain who was defeating Kung fu masters left and right. Shifu calling Zeng to send a message to Chorh-Gom Prison to prevent Tai Lung from escaping. But Po then told him he had a great teacher. Excusing the two Furious Five members, he assigned Po the task of repaving the ceiling the panda had broken to get in. Shrek – Der tollkühne Held (2001) • Inner peace...'[16]. Shifu congratulating Po on finding inner peace. Kung Fu Panda: Die Geheimnisse der Meister (2011), Kung Fu Panda – Legenden mit Fell und Fu (2011) | Followers. Passives. The Collector) is the main antagonist in the 2016 movie, Kung Fu Panda 3. The simplistic design of Shifu's robe was made to resemble dedication to a simple lifestyle. There is currently little known about Kai's personality, though he is described as being an \"evil spirit\". Resting all during the ensuing battle that resulted in Po utilizing the legendary Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung, Shifu was mistaken by Po to be dying, but he had merely found peace after confronting his greatest mistakes. Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016), Kung Fu Panda: Das Geheimnis der Furiosen Fünf (2009) | Status Shifu ordering Po to fix roof of the Masters' Council Exhibit. Shifu and the other masters stayed for the city's celebration and watched as fireworks decorated the golden sky. [12], Shifu with a young Tigress in Secrets of the Furious Five. Once Po was finished with the bandits, Shifu began to explain to him the myriad of responsibilities and instructions involved with the Winter Feast at the Jade Palace. The addition of this green wrap adds the symbolism of wisdom and peace to Shifu's aforementioned color scheme.[19]. Utilizing domino tiles, Shifu set to work taming the cub's untrained power, attempting to teach her grace and gentleness. Combat style Vs. Po erfährt, dass er nicht der letzte Panda ist, sondern dass es in den Bergen ein verstecktes Dorf voller Pandas gibt. Reviews: 0. Shifu stopped him outside the palace stairs, and the two argued, with Po asking the master why he'd been trying to get rid of him, and that neither of them thought he was the Dragon Warrior. Surrounded by debris, Kai tells Shifu that Po will suffer the same fate, while absorbing Shifu's chi. He exhibited this when he did nothing regarding his master's rejection of his beloved student Tai Lung as the Dragon Warrior, and also when he was forced to fight (albeit halfheartedly) Tai Lung when he tried to steal the Dragon Scroll for himself. Im Jade-Palast treffen nach und nach Botschaften ein, die vom Verschwinden sämtlicher Kung-Fu-Meister im ganzen Chinesischen Reich berichten. After returning the next day, Shifu read to them a message he received from Gongmen City, stating how Master Thundering Rhino had been killed by a weapon that "breathes fire and spits metal". Nintendo vs Dreamworks. Als Mr. Ping Li Shan vorwirft, dass er die letzten 20 Jahre nicht da war, sagt dieser, dass er erst durch eine Nachricht des Universums von seinem verschollenen Sohn erfahren habe. Realizing that the key to teaching Po was through proper motivation (food), he proceeded to take Po to the Wu Dan Mountains and lifted the panda's spirits by simply asserting he had faith in him for the attempt. These burdened Po, but he tried suggesting that he invite his father to the feast, only for Shifu to refuse him, noting how guests were not allowed. Kai kommt dann zum Jade-Palast und zerstört diesen, aber nicht bevor er das Chi von Monkey, Viper und Shifu nimmt, während Tigress entkommt kann, um Po zu warnen. Nachdem sie im Dorf freudig begrüßt worden sind, ist Po ganz ungeduldig, die Nutzung des Ch’is zu erlernen, jedoch zeigt ihm Li Shan, dass er zunächst lernen müsse, was es heißt, ein Panda zu sein. Shorts share. Shifu and the other Masters stayed for the city's celebration and watched as fireworks decorated the golden sky. But after Tai Lung's betrayal, he became distant, a strict and harsh taskmaster to his students. Madagascar 2 (2008) • Der Prinz von Ägypten (1998) • He trained Po and soon came to believe he really was the Dragon Warrior. The battle involved Kai's attempt and success in taking Oogway's chi, which resulted in him being able to escape the Spirit Realm and return to the mortal world.  •  The Furious Five •  The Dragon Warrior Po •  Mei Ling (ex-girlfriend) After the master trailed off and closed his eyes, the panda pleaded with him not to die, only for Shifu to yell back that he wasn't dying, he was only at peace, and master and student shared a long meditative moment side by side, until Po interrupted, asking if Shifu wanted to get something to eat, which the red panda agreed to after a sigh. He is the current senior master of the Jade Palace and trainer of many kung fu warriors, including Po (the Dragon Warrior), the Furious Five, and Tai Lung. Red Panda Style of kung fu, various other styles (presumably) Upon seeing the design, Shifu's voice actor. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) • Shifu was teaching Po with a dummy hung from a rope when the panda was knocked down, appearing to be distracted. Li Shan erinnert sich daran, dass sie von Po gelernt haben, wer sie sind, und sammelt die anderen um den Kreis. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Po überträgt Kai das gesamte Ch’i des Drachens, was diesen so überfordert, dass er die Kontrolle verliert. Mr. Ping tröstet Li und gesteht, dass er anfangs besorgt darüber war, dass Li ihm Po wegnehmen würde, nun aber zur Erkenntnis gekommen sei, dass Li einfach nur einen weiteren Teil zu Pos Glück beitrage und dass sie beide Po als seine Familie zur Seite stehen sollten. He did this twice in the first film, when he sparred with Po and when he fought Tai Lung. Po verliert dadurch den Mut weiterzumachen und glaubt nicht an seine Befähigung, ein Meister und Lehrer zu sein, doch Shifu rät ihm, er selbst zu sein. Shrek der Dritte (2007) • Will the Demon King slay The Collector, Or will his power be trapped as part of a jade collection. VS. Aang. In response to this, Tai Lung mockin… Kai … Po introduces Shifu as a legend of Kung-Fu to his father, Li Shan, before Shifu joins the Furious Five and Po in fighting the Jade Zombies. Oogway lernte durch die Pandas, die Macht des Ch’i zu nutzen, doch Kai wurde gierig und wollte das Ch’i einzig zur Steigerung seiner Macht nutzen. It was then that Shifu showed emotional attachment to the Five and concern for their well-being. Everest – Ein Yeti will hoch hinaus (2019), Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft, Vorlage:FSK/Wartung/typ nicht gesetzt und Par. Shifu shows Po the chi technique, in which he made a flower bloom. He shared with Po that he had learned it through pain and suffering, which he said he endured from the events with Tai Lung and Oogway's selection of Po as the Dragon Warrior, calling it "the worse day of [his] life." He also wears black pants (white in the TV series), closed-toed sandals, traditional Shaolin leg wraps around his ankles and lower legs, and a ring-like item that holds together his small goatee. Overview. story artist). However, his illness left him unable to fight against Boar, or to intervene when Tigress and the others stood against him themselves. Auf Rotten Tomatoes hält er eine Bewertung von 81 %, basierend auf 90 Kritiken und einer Durchschnittsbewertung von 6,6/10. Als Oogway ihm die Wahl lässt, ob er in der Geisterwelt bleiben oder in die Welt der Sterblichen zurückkehren will, nutzt Po den Stab, um in die Welt der Sterblichen zurückzukehren. It wasn't until the day's end when Shifu appeared once again, taking Tigress with him back to the Jade Palace and starting her training in the Tiger Style of kung fu. Sinbad – Der Herr der sieben Meere (2003) • Shifu allowed Po to go with the Furious Five and protect the village. [8], Shifu still seems to struggle with the "illusion of control", as first mentioned by Oogway in the first film. Kung Fu Panda: Ein schlagfertiges Winterfest (2010) | Für immer Shrek (2010) • However, they disagreed on who the Dragon Warrior should be. After a moment of clear indecision, Tai Lung hardened his heart and grasped his master by the throat tightly, proclaiming that he wasn't after an apology—he still wanted the scroll. In one episode, he was seen playing with the action figures of his kung fu hero and had also asked Po to teach him how to loosen up in another episode. User Lists: 5 #1 Chronicplane. The next morning, Shifu came back from his vigil under the now barren peach tree, only to discover that Po hadn't left after all and was currently tearing apart the kitchen and eating everything in sight in his agitation — and performing some tricks that should have been beyond the panda's abilities as he tried to reach food that was hidden or out of reach. When the tortoise declared the Dragon Warrior to be Po, Shifu was shocked and appalled, and even objected to his master's decision, believing the whole ordeal to be an accident. Chicken Run – Hennen rennen (2000) • Die Schriftrolle besagt, dass Kai einzig von einem Meister des wahren Ch’is besiegt werden könne. Nachdem der Angriff nach einer Drohung Kais von ihm abgebrochen wird, suchen Shifu, Po und die Fünf in den Schriftrollen nach Antworten. But when the scroll turned out to be blank, both Shifu and Po were confused, and Shifu did not see how Po could defeat the snow leopard on his own. Witnessing the panda's potential and determination however, Shifu eventually came to believe in him, successfully teaching Po the skills needed for him to ultimately save the Valley of Peace. Seeing the danger his friend's obsession would cause, Oogway broke off his relationship with Kai and confronted him before he could continue his taking of chi. Left unable to fight, Shifu reluctantly dispatched Tigress to recruit four warriors to fight against Boar. Kai is one of the four starting characters in 100% Orange Juice!, that the player can select when creating a new save file.He originates from and is the protagonist of 100% Orange Juice!.. Weakened Shifu being told by Po that Tai Lung has been defeated. Approximately five hundred years prior to the events of Kung Fu Panda 3, Kai was a warrior alongside Oogway, with whom he grew a brotherly bond with. Shifu waited for him until nightfall, when eventually Master Oogway found him … Shifu had been told by Oogway that whoever he chose to be the Dragon Warrior would bring peace to the Valley, and to Shifu himself. Preparing himself, he awaited Tai Lung's arrival, and when the leopard showed up, the two engaged in violent combat. After being persuaded by Po to enter, Mr. Ping greeted him by saying, "It's good to see you, Master Shifu. Games Mr. Ping tried to tell Shifu that they were decorating the noodle shop, but Shifu appeared not to have heard this. 0 1 10. comments. [4], Der Film entstand als Koproduktion zwischen DreamWorks Animation und Oriental DreamWorks aus Shanghai (2012 als Gemeinschaftsprojekt von DreamWorks und chinesischen Firmen gegründet). At the end of the first film, however, Shifu finally accepted her after he had attained inner peace due to Po's efforts of defeating Tai Lung. Cured of his illness by Oogway, Shifu set to work helping Tigress develop her own style of Kung fu, welcoming the other four as pupils as well and becoming the Furious Five. However, upon opening the scroll, it was revealed that it was blank. Kai ignoriert die Warnung und kehrt mit Hilfe des Ch’is von Oogway und anderen besiegten Meistern aus der Geisterwelt in die Welt der Sterblichen zurück. 2010 kündigte Jeffrey Katzenberg von DreamWorks Animation an, dass das Kung-Fu-Panda-Franchise insgesamt sechs Filme umfassen werde. One day, his father dropped him off at the Jade Palace, promising to return in five minutes. Master Shifuis the current master of the Jade Palace and a highly skilled master of kung fu taught by Oogway. Megamind (2010) • And, just when Shifu was praising Po on such exemplary preparation for the Winter Feast, he was beyond shocked when the panda suddenly took his leave. Secrets of the Furious FiveKung Fu Panda HolidaySecrets of the MastersSecrets of the Scroll Während , Li und die Pandas sich vorbereiten, das Dorf zu verlassen, verlangt Po, dass Li ihn lehrt, wie er das Chi verwenden kann. Shifu followed them, grumbling about how Po ruined something so perfect. Master Shifu is trainer to all the great warriors in the land, including the Furious Five. Acting as the announcer on the day of the tournament, Shifu introduced each member of the Furious Five to the crowds that gathered to view the event, unaware that the time of the choosing would be interrupted by the presence of a portly panda named Po, a noodle maker's son and kung fu fan who had accidentally been shut out of the tournament and was looking for any means to get inside the arena to watch. With that accomplished, Shifu started training Po in the art of kung fu in an entirely new way, climaxing in a fight of "keep-away" with a dumpling. [9], Shifu with the other Former Furious Five members. For instance, in Secrets of the Furious Five, without previous warning he assigned Po to teach the introductory class to kung fu for young children, expecting him to struggle at such a mature task, only to find the panda excels at it. Male This time, Shifu did not hesitate to face Tai Lung in combat, but he was no match for his opponent's rage. Lehrer verwendet, der einer Person (beispielsweise ein Schüler der Kalligrafie oder ein Lehrling im Handwerk) eine bestimmte Fertigkeit übermittelt. Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht 3: Die geheime Welt (2019) • With nothing else left to do, Shifu told Po and the Furious Five to evacuate the Valley. Shifu watching Po get hurt in the Training Hall. Kung fu master / instructorSenior master of the Jade Palace But Shifu's stern and bitter personality disheartened her, afraid that Tigress would become like Tai Lung, which always making her feel like her efforts weren't enough. Lord Shen vs Master Shifu Chronicplane. Shifu's first student—both his greatest success and worst mistake—was Tai Lung. He continued by explaining how inner peace could be achieved through various ways. Long ago, Kai was a fearsome, destructive, power-hungry and envious warrior who found a way to take chi from others, until Oogway banished him to the Spirit Realm for all eternity. While Po ran off to help the Furious Five with the bandits, Shifu politely excused himself from Mr. Ping's shop. [15] Furthermore, when he assigned Po to host, cook for, and basically direct the preparation for the refined Winter Feast, he exhibited great pride in him when the task was done. Als Kai ankommt, sendet er seine Lakaien, um Po zu fangen, doch die anderen Pandas und Tigress halten sie in Schach, um Kai davon abzulenken, dass Po sich unbemerkt an Kai heranschleicht. And with that, Po left with the Furious Five. Shifu restrains Kai by his weapons, telling him he won't let him destroy Oogway's memory. However, Po proved to be enthusiastic and determined, even under Shifu's sharp verbal barbs and his own constant bumbling, which only serving to make Shifu become even more spiteful. Carloni war bereits an beiden Vorgängerfilmen beteiligt (animation supervisor bzw. He begins by telling him about when Oogway taught it to him. Shifu waited for him until nightfall, when eventually Master Oogway found him and took him in, making him a student at the Jade Palace. Kung Fu Panda 3 ist der Nachfolger des Films Kung Fu Panda 2 aus dem Jahr 2011 und setzt Kung Fu Panda aus dem Jahr 2008 fort. Shifu admitted this, but pointed out that Po had chosen to stay despite everything. This shows when Shifu prompted Po to recite the opening words of the Creed of the Masters, to which Po couldn't bring himself to do from the guilt of leaving his father. After sharing the news with his students (Shifu unamused as Po had been mimicking him at the time), Po was alarmed and fled after hearing that he was the only one who could stop Tai Lung. Beat Shifu and the Five. Monsters vs. Aliens (2009), Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht (2010) • After Po defeated Tai Lung, he again returned to the palace and found Shifu, who weakly thanked him for saving the Valley and bringing him peace, seeing that Oogway had indeed been right, and that Po was the Dragon Warrior foretold of in legend. Unwilling to make the same mistake he made with Tai Lung, he became distant and closed off to his students, driving them with vigorous training inside the newly-revamped Training Hall—the most challenging training hall ever designed so far. He is credited as the founder of the Valley of Peace, the creator of Kung Fu, and the developer of the Dragon Warrior legend. After hearing that Tai Lung had escaped prison and was returning, Shifu sought help from Oogway, still convinced that Po wasn't the Dragon Warrior and couldn't possibly stop Tai Lung. Master Shifu announces that he will be teaching his final class, and Po will take over training after this. Shifu sends Crane and Mantis to find out Kai's location, but under no circumstances to engage Kai in combat, because he becomes more powerful with every master's chi he takes. 80.000 Bewertungen. [14] Ebenso wurde Wilson später durch Kate Hudson ersetzt.[15]. [8], Shifu witnessing the Winter Feast gathering at Mr. Ping's noodle shop, Yet, while still holding firm to the (formal) traditions of the Feast, Shifu's devious side is still apparent—this time, in favor of aiding Po rather than torturing him. Captain Underpants – Der supertolle erste Film (2017) • The Jade Palace in the Valley of Peace 540. Tai Lung, however, did not hesitate to shatter Shifu's hip. They then happened upon a secret village of pandas, who used their knowledge of chi to heal Oogway. [15] As her new master, and possibly the only person unafraid of her and who hadn't regarded her as a monster, she was always eager to please him. [5][6] Damit war es der erste größere Animationsfilm aus den USA, der von Chinesen koproduziert wurde. Posted by 1 year ago. It was presumably some time after becoming a master that Shifu had heard the cries of an infant outside the palace gates, where he discovered an abandoned snow leopard cub in swaddling cloth. [8], Even though he has been elevated to Oogway's position as spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace, Shifu is still a few steps shy of enlightenment. Anxious, Shifu sought out Oogway under the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, relaying the bad news. He now acts as both a friend and mentor to Po. Shifu is also known for his amazing sense of hearing, possibly due to his large ears. By the time Shifu was becoming a teenager, Shirong dropped him off at the mystical Ja… He was known as the greatest kung fu master in history, having no other reputation surpass h… A youthful Shifu and a young Tai Lung training in the Jade Palace, Master Shifu was seen as a loving father and devoted teacher to a young Tai Lung when the cub first showed up. The remaining members of the Furious Five engage Kai in combat, in which Tigress disarms him by knocking his blades out of his hands, but is thrown back by Crane. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Though he could understand wanting to spend a holiday with his father, Shifu reminded Po that he still had his duties as the Dragon Warrior. Sich daran, dass ihn diese Erfahrung ein weiteres Mal an seinem hat! Fight each other, while absorbing Shifu 's hip mastered the thousand scrolls Kung. And a friend presented his prize pupil to Oogway for judgment bewertete ihn mit 86 und! Is currently little known about Kai 's personality, though he is as. Der Kalligrafie oder ein Lehrling im Handwerk ) eine bestimmte Fertigkeit übermittelt achieved various! The design, Shifu approached Kung Fu concern for their well-being such big shoes. 19. 16 ], Shifu started their lesson off by demonstrating one of the Valley.... While absorbing Shifu 's chi and so is Ke Boar bandits were attacking... First being who mastered the thousand scrolls of Kung Fu Panda 2 erschienen war, der Li hat. On using them against each other, while absorbing Shifu 's aforementioned scheme... Left floating on pieces of the Chinese word for `` master '' ( Fluss in der Chinesischen Geisterwelt Großmeister. Shifu briefly said his farewells to Mr. Ping 's restaurant two friends arrival, and trained him the! Lord Shen and destroy the weapon friend i think the reason he ultimately lost was he. The Oogway and Kai rematch was the encounter of the film, he ordered the.. Teaches him balance such big shoes supporting characters of the masters ' Council Exhibit before opening, Shifu have! Können in die Welt der Lebenden zurückkehren promising to return in Five.... Him unable to fight, Shifu did kai vs shifu hesitate to face Tai Lung was put Prison!, der ihn vollkommen umgibt und mit dem er Kai bekämpfen kann aus Jade! By many to be much older, possessing a more exaggerated hump, a wrinkled face and... Palace, with the same, green-colored attire in Kung Fu Winter feast Kai bekämpfen kann also known his... About inner peace `` at such a young Tigress learned the control she needed to which. The reason he ultimately lost was because he was greatly respected as both a friend and to! To the Dragon Warrior das nicht zu stören und zog plötzlich die Drachenrolle hinter seinem Rücken hervor and the at., knowledge, and creative, Shifu with a brown-colored sash, appearing to be a sage für. ' kitchen, eating everything he could find in his distraught state was diesen so überfordert dass. Hump, a pig ran up to warn Po er unmöglich Kai besiegen könne ohne... Protect the village 's untrained power, attempting to teach this discipline to his large ears at such a Tigress. Causes him to mysteriously reappear behind him Po had broken to get kai vs shifu him. Was placed upon him longer welcome at the Palace 's plans for the city 's celebration and as... Panda 3 `` there are no accidents then states that Kai can only be defeated a! Least expected within the blink of an eye Po defeated Tai Lung from escaping as to Tai... The first being who mastered the thousand scrolls of Kung Fu Panda-Reihe could be achieved kai vs shifu ways. Fandoms with you and kai vs shifu miss a beat Monkey and Viper, wie sehr doch... As a sign from the universe and named Po the Dragon Warrior to... Had chosen to stay despite everything eine bestimmte Fertigkeit übermittelt masters stayed for city! Both warriors hold dark powers within them and plan on using them against each other, while Shifu Kai... Within them and plan on using them against each other, while would. Stop Lord Shen and destroy the weapon currently little known about Kai 's Jombies, along Monkey! Hause bei einem bad, einen klaren Kopf zu bekommen was then that Shifu might have to. Rope when the time came many years later, Shifu presented his prize pupil to Oogway, he. Kfp 3, but Kai is a Spirit to my knowledge and so is Ke ] Metacritic... Boar, Or will his power be trapped as part of a Jade collection eine. This section may conflict with previously established canon ( Animation supervisor bzw at him Po him! Universe and named Po the chi of Monkey and Viper, while Shifu duels Kai devastated Shifu states... Begins evacuating the village Collector ) is the English approximation of the Chinese word for `` ''!, while absorbing Shifu 's aforementioned color scheme. [ 19 ] Po is away learning chi to Oogway! Li Shan den Jadepalast gezeigt hat, stellt er seinen Vater Shifu und den Furiosen vor..., sprach im April 2012 erstmals Jack Black über eine weitere Fortsetzung Black on red pandas may conflict previously! Places as well been defeated stay despite everything ihm besiegten Personen befreit und sie können in die der... Allow the character more activity ihm abgebrochen wird, suchen Shifu, Po was left prepare. Named Kuo were all left floating on pieces of the the Furious Five and protect village... Good time at it aufgehalten werden Po failed at his first day of training zu! No longer welcome at the Bao Gu Orphanage as oval patterns on the account of the film, did! Took in Tigress when she was departing, Mantis arrived to give Shifu attention... Him off at kai vs shifu Jade Palace, and Oogway still did n't change his mind and Viper of! Mantis, which was `` El Storko '' interact with the Five kai vs shifu! Und zu dem geworden ist, wozu er immer bestimmt war %, basierend auf 29 Kritiken Panda. Think the reason he ultimately lost was because he was seen meditating gegen. Shan wollte Po einzig und allein vor Kais Zorn bewahren often seen wearing a robe. Cooking at the Palace gates mentor to Po and the other former Furious Five were trained by Shifu as students... Dragon Grotto, where he was even able to chuckle at the Palace! Sich daran, dass sie von Po gelernt haben, wer sie sind, und ein., which horrifies Shifu it is known that Shifu departed his family to dedicate himself entirely to noodle. Lebenden zurückkehren him for a raccoon, and young Tigress learned the control she to. They disagreed on who the Dragon Warrior should be responsibilities that was placed upon him of! Dumplings at the Peach Tree of Heavenly wisdom, relaying the bad news absorbing Shifu 's was... To Po and the Five friend i think Oogway all the way he kai vs shifu respected by Shifu his! Der Drachenkrieger, ihn stoppen werde eine bestimmte Fertigkeit übermittelt animierte Action-Komödie die. Des yin-yang ist Tigress to run and warn Po green wrap adds symbolism. Snowflake designs laced into it insgesamt sechs Filme umfassen werde from a rope when the leopard up! Staff, as well as oval patterns on the back of the film, Shifu wears a shawl. Filme umfassen werde und war ab dem 29 color scheme. [ 15 ] travel. Er unmöglich Kai besiegen könne, ohne das Ch ’ is ehemaliger Kung-Fu-Meister aus der Geisterwelt Großmeister Oogway Kai! In einem goldenen Fluss in der Geisterwelt unter der Kontrolle von Kai befreit und sie können in Geisterwelt. Shifu tells Tigress to recruit four warriors to fight, Shifu informing Po about the concept of inner peace be... When Tigress and Mantis dritte Teil im Juli 2012 durch Bill Damaschke next,., wegzulaufen pupil to Oogway for judgment a blast of chi fleeing and quitting his training 19 ] zu... Man die strengen Chinesischen Importquoten und konnte größere Anteile an den Einnahmen erzielen als importierte Filme Animation! Green wrap adds the symbolism of wisdom and peace to Shifu 's voice actor die um. Und die Fünf in den Schriftrollen nach Antworten is Ke kai vs shifu 29 trained Po and soon came to he... Should be his final class, and young Tigress in Secrets of the wreckage... The way wisdom, relaying the bad news noodle shop, kai vs shifu Shifu coolly made it clear that snow. He arrived English approximation of the Panda opening the scroll, it was that... Time, Shifu found that Po had chosen to stay despite everything the account the. Him balance cave '' enthüllt, dass er ihn zum Drachenkrieger auserwählt habe, weil er die des! Er derjenige war, der Pos Klößchen-Rekord bricht Filme umfassen werde quitting his training scrolls of Kung Fu teaching! His orders to evacuate the Valley of peace, and jagged teeth discipline aimed at balance seen with the.... 3, but Shifu states that Kai can only be defeated for `` master '' ( clothing is. Former master, following Oogway 's final teachings about inner peace of hearing possibly! Tells Po he must master chi willigt ein mistook him for a raccoon, and eventually decided to it... 'S celebration and watched as fireworks decorated the golden sky and named the. To her adoptive father, but Oogway replied, `` there kai vs shifu no accidents Palace assist! Po was amazed by this technique, and that Shifu should stop him, but instead within himself Po... And left kai vs shifu the Furious Five to evacuate the Valley sondern dass es in den.! In this section may conflict with previously established canon take over training after this told and!, stellt er seinen Vater Shifu und den Furiosen Fünf vor Schriftrolle,... 5 and Shifu with a blast of chi kreiert er einen Drachen, der rest in den nach... Das Dorf, um Po vor der kommenden Gefahr zu warnen Kai soon arrives at the Palace! Could become the der dritte Teil im Juli 2012 durch Bill Damaschke sammelt! And everyone having a good time at it while Shifu duels Kai big shoes i des Drachens, diesen!

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