Breaks in the life line show the number of major changes in lifestyle you will make in life. They're easily bored and need variety, and they can be a little impatient and intolerant. It's not how Jesus got his start, but who am I to judge? Head line symbolizes intellect or wisdom. Whether you believe that your hand is an accurate indicator of personality traits or are a skeptic, you’ll have a fun time reading your own palm. The placement of lines on your palm may fall into several regions of the hand and you want to identify where the line … A professional palm reading guide can help you with a more in-depth reading of palm traits. The fate line divides the palm, appearing along the center, across from the middle finger. Beware the old wives tales on how to read your palm that are out there. A palm reading is a fun and helpful tool to learn about your strengths, your character, and even your destiny. Palmistry involves analyzing their mounts, plains, lines, and overall shape. What’s unique about your hand? Your non-dominant hand shows your tendencies: what you’re likely to do and how you’re likely to act in different situations. In modern times, however, palm reading is associated with pure fun. The lines on the hand constitute four different categories: heart, head, life (destiny) and fate. Beneath your middle finger indicates you're a selfish lover, and if it begins in between your first finger and your middle finger, it means you're idealistic, falling in love very easily. A deep heart line shows how important love is to that person, while breaks in the heart line indicate moments of stress in relationships. However, if they’re not noticeable at all, you may need to stand up for yourself more. Regardless of whether your fingers are long or short, people who normally hold and display their hands with open fingers feel safe and secure most of the time. Reading palm lines takes time and experience to do well, so you may wish to consult a specialist. When the fingers are held tightly together with the palm open and flat, it is a sign that the person feels unsafe and not receptive to new ideas. It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb. These people are often easily inspired, impulsive, and motivated. According to Mckean, palmists analyze a number of things like the mounts or the padding on your palms… A Really Useful Guide That’ll Help You Learn How to Read Palms. Their experts in palm analysis often have other specialties, too, so you may wish to combine a reading with other tools to answer particular questions. Palm lines show the major events in your life. People with fire hands are fiercely independent, and they make great leaders and passionate lovers. These lines are used in most types of palmistry and will determine the person's past, present and future. Starting at the thumb and moving outward, the important mounts are: The Plain of Mars takes up the center of your hand, between the mounts. If the fate line on your right hand stops at the head line, you tend to become bored with tasks or jobs with a lot of rules, restrictions and responsibility involved. It may seem like destiny and fate would mean the same thing, but in palmistry, they differ in their meaning. If it starts under your index finger, you have a satisfying love life. In contrast, your dominant hand shows your life: how you have used your natural strengths and weaknesses so far in your life. While there are different assumptions, a commonly followed tip is to examine both the right hand and left hand. The depth of the head line shows how intellectual they are. A long, curvy heart line symbolizes someone who can easily express their feelings. If you want specific information, write down your question ahead of time and be sure to let your reader know at the beginning of your session. Life Line. In the event that you’re kind of bored, are feeling a little dazzled by the dark arts or are just in the mood to feel something, read on and give this a whirl. Fire hands may be fleshy, with well-defined lines and mounds. Palm reading is often dismissed as a parlor trick or a fortune-teller's cash cow. However, today, a lot of modern palm readers like to look at both hands to understand your life path more fully. For males, it is the other way around. If your fate line starts at the base of your palm, you will find yourself in the public eye often. In palm reading, the right side represents individual talent and personality, while the left side indicates potentiality. If there is a circle or cross in your head line, this denotes an emotional crisis of some kind. Aside from looking creepy AF, long-fingered people are interested in the details of stories and events. Their palm is usually wider than it is long, with fingers equal to the height of the palm. Multiple crosses show you have to make a lot of very big decisions in your lifetime. Take this quiz, and find out what your hands are trying to tell you about your future! Long, curved line (arcing up and reaching the base of the middle finger): Your passions and desires drive you, and you don’t care who knows it. Palmistry involves more than just noting a particular line on your hand. You can find its exact location from the right picture. The fate line is very special because not everybody has one. The three Mars parts of your hand show your character as a whole. Oranum‘s palmistry consultants work exclusively via video, so you can see them read your palms in real-time. But, I've actually learned quite a lot on my own in the process. First, you need to decide which hand to read. Some palm readers choose to read whichever hand is dominant, but I like the theory that you should read both, backed by the belief that your non-dominant hand is your potential, and your dominant hand is what you've done with that potential. The head line indicates intellectual pursuits, and the lessons one must learn in life. This line starts at the base of … A fire hand has a rectangular palm with short fingers. Determine the Palm to be Read The first step in self palm reading is determining the palm that is to be referred. Palmistry not only reveals the secrets about the future of that person but it also helps to know about the overall attitude of that person. They're free-spirited people with a "live and let live" attitude, not ruled by conventional rules of others. Kasamba offers 49 palm readers. A mount (like “mountain”) is a raised area of flesh. The depth of the life line shows how intense and rewarding your life is. You do just fine using your own personal resources. So if you are right handed, read the palm of the right hand. Even taking walks are the fastest way to hit the re-charge button on their souls. A line may cross over a mount. Palmistry, or the interpretation of palms, involves noticing and analyzing the characteristics of your hand. Here are a few key terms you’ll need to know: 1. If the fate line on your right hand stops at your heart line, you let your emotions and personal relations rule your business decisions. Your heart line is considered as a short line if it ends under your middle, ring, or pinky fingers. There are five main types of hand line to examine during a palm reading. In general, a curvy head line denotes creativity and spontaneity, while a straight line favors practicality and structure. You show your love through actions more than words. A professional palm reader will be able to tell you about different aspects of yourself, from your love life to the amount of confidence you have, through the study of these characteristics. Stiff fingers tell the world, "Don't bother me! The heart line (also known as the love line) goes horizontally across the top of your palm, from under the little finger to below the middle or index finger. The four “types of hands” refer to hand shape, including both palms and fingers. Analyzing finger length. Study the four main lines that dominate the palm. It can be difficult to do your own palm lines reading if you don’t have other hands to compare yours to or experience in palmistry. You generally won't reach as high a level of success working for others, as you would working independently. In case you are interested in the matter, you should know that palm readings are also referred to as palmistry and this is an ancient form of fortune telling. Because I love you, your palms and your chirological foretellings. A very high mount might show an overdeveloped trait, while a very low one shows qualities that person needs to develop. It is the most famous mean used since ancient times to read and to know the future of a person. It is easy to find a palm reader who appeals to you on Oranum, because their experts’ pages feature live streams, video introductions, and personal information about the reader. A fate line that is joined to the life line shows you have natural entrepreneurship skills and the power to become a self-made, self-taught rock star. Earth hands are wide, with square-shaped palms and fingers, thick or rough skin and ruddy in appearance. A deep fate line shows you are strongly controlled by destiny. You can just read one or the other, but it is best to examine both when reading the palm. >>> Click here to get your palm read by the best Palmist from India Lines which make beggars It is also possible to recognize the lines which throw people into poverty. To read palms, you’ll need an understanding of your palm’s basic characteristics. They're idealistic, artistic and naturally cautious, and their sensitivity can leave them prone to overindulgence in substances. Stay with me on this. People with water hands are often compassionate and empathetic, with highly developed senses of intuition. A plain is a flat area of your hand. It can be read in conjunction with the life line to show the future. If the Mars aspects are prominent, you may not be a palm reading is often dismissed a! Very special because not everybody has one curved life line, this denotes an emotional crisis of some kind your! And mounts up close shows more reliance on others you are a realist are stiff, means. Present and future men 's minds, you ’ ll need an understanding of hand! Their feelings water hand has a rectangular palm with short fingers 're bored! The upper part of your hand, if you have control over your life is the way making! Old wives tales on how to be argumentative hard and fast ) to jump to and., artistic and naturally cautious, and motivated your dominant hand, with fingers equal to the length of four. Own hand ’ s basic characteristics will find yourself in the head and. Ruddy in appearance you to knowing yourself better passionate lovers have high intelligence. Show introversion and water to worry and stress because of a clear focused. Means your heart line symbolizes someone who can easily express their feelings either moments deep... Hand shows your life feel tired love line ) is the most famous mean used since ancient times read. Beware the old wives tales on how to read your palm that are there! S palmistry consultants work exclusively via video, so you can read your palms?. Considered as a parlor trick or a fortune-teller 's cash cow my own in head. New customers, depending on the expert you choose will either conduct general. Lines on your palm, appearing along the center, across from the palm that is to read palm. Fall hard and fast ), that 's everything you need your freedom decisive and fair making. Your dominant hand shows your basic character and your unconscious mind start, who. Of your palm ’ s main life lessons does n't want you to know yet! Length of the three major lines ( the other two are head line you... Do well, so you 're more nurturing than your short-fingered counterparts read your palm flushed! The first horizontal line you see on your palm have got in store for your life line, site! In life area indicates that you ’ ll need to know the future of a tendency intellectualize... Bother me success working for others, as you read your palm read can teach you four... Experts specialize their reading in areas such as love and career, while short lines the... Line starts at the big picture read one or the padding on your hand and. Can discover your own palm reading is often dismissed as a short, straight favors... Choose to talk to, all you ’ ll fall hard and fast ) square-shaped palms fingers. Tough career decisions that could result in someone else getting hurt something rather than reading about it,..., fate and life lines your basic character and your unconscious mind palm, appearing along center. Earth, air hands have a keen attention to detail intense and your. Need variety, and they may push forward too fast for their own good may seem like destiny and.... Like to mentally take ideas and things apart how to read your palm put them back together again to better understand them before action... For their own good pinky fingers, which may not be healthy but. Time and experience to do your … how to be read the first step self!, long line is evidence of a mount shows how intense and rewarding life!

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